About Us

Felstead Education was established in 1988 to deliver high quality, innovative and engaging educational programs for school students.

Since then our broad range of presentations, seminars, DVDs and workshops have been seen by close to 250,000 pupils in over 1000 schools throughout Australia, Europe, Asia and America.

Our philosophy is simple – that having a healthy mind and a healthy body, combined with strong study skills empowers students to achieve at their personal best, whatever that best may be.

We believe that now more than ever this message is a vital one for students to hear as they combat the ever-mounting demands and pressures of modern senior schooling.

You can find out more about our programs from the menus above and about who we are from the details below.

We look forward to being a part of you and your students ongoing journey of learning, success, and personal growth.

 Who we are:







Brad Felstead – Director

Brad is the founder and director of the company and has over 25 years experience as an educator.

He has a passion for helping students to achieve at their personal best, while maintaining excellent health and managing the stresses of senior school.

Brad is author of The Balanced Student, The Art of Relaxation and the upcoming Teen Sleep. He is also the creator of numerous educational programs including Study Calm, Be Your Best, Stress Management for Students and VCE Secrets of Success.

He is also a popular meditation teacher, specialising in meditation within educational settings and meditation for teenagers. His classes are renown for being practical and enjoyable, with participants learning simple yet powerful tools to help them in their lives. 








Lani Brayer – Senior Educational Consultant and Presenter

Lani has been involved in education for thirty years. She has many years experience as a classroom teacher and as the head of highly successful language immersion programs.

Lani holds a Master’s Degree in Education. She has a keen interest in communicating best practice standards in terms of the way in which students learn and how they can study more efficiently and effectively. She is also involved in international educational programs designed to give students greater understanding of important historical and cultural events.








Kara Landau – Nutritional Consultant and Presenter

Kara Landau is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and Accredited Nutritionist (AN), who holds a bachelors degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She is the head dietitian at Corporate Nutrition Melbourne, where she and her staff present on healthy eating to a range of clients, as well as work one on one with clients within a private practice.

Kara is a confident presenter who has spoken to an array of groups, including, schools, corporate workplaces, and government sites. Having worked alongside Nutrition Australia and a number of health promotion companies, Kara aims to inspire all those that she encounters to help them make positive lifestyle choices.








Christa Felstead – Marketing and Communications Director

Since arriving in Australia in the early 1990s Christa has been at the heart of Felstead Education’s progress to becoming one of the leading providers of specialist wellbeing programs for students in Australian schools.

Christa has an extensive background in advertising in both Europe and Australia. She holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics and is a highly sought after language teacher, currently teaching post graduate students at Monash University.

She couples her rare combination of skills as both an educator and an advertising executive to be the perfect person to promote our message of healthy living and strong study skills to students throughout the country.